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Deja-View Cinema

Initiated, curated and run by Open Season, Deja-View is a boutique cinema based in the heart of Collingwood. Operating fortnightly throughout winter and spring in the Magic Johnston Design & Arts cultural complex, Deja-View features a finely curated seasonal program made up of not only the cult classics, but the popcorn-flicks we all know and love. Just like the golden age of VHS, these films will be supported by the original trailers they were meant to be viewed with.

There's a nice little writeup on The Thousands here, or you can check out the season program and full details on our site at deja-view.com.au.

Deja-View Cinema. Magic Johnston. 27-29 Johnston St.
Collingwood, VIC, Australia 3066

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Photos by Adeline & Lumiere

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